Our Code of Conduct

Looking out for you is what we do. Below is how we hope to work together.

Buyer Agent Minimum Expectations: 


  1. Be cordial, clear, honest, and upfront with the buyer at all times.

  2. Be an aligned adviser with the buyer and advocate for them during the home purchasing process.

  3. Based on findings, educate the buyer on current market conditions; provide comparables and pricing in and around the location of the chosen property and cross reference with the buyer's needs and motivations.

  4. Based on findings, educate the buyer on property conditions and filed property documents.

  5. Handle the ins and outs of the negotiation process including the preparation of all forms when making an offer and/or counteroffer; lead the strategy with the buyer. Provide oversight on the purchase and sales agreement.

  6. Provide to buyer the Massachusetts Mandatory Real Estate Licensee-Consumer Relationship Disclosure and any other required disclosures to remain compliant.

  7. Recommend and connect buyer with professionals if necessary such as a home inspector, loan officer, or attorney.

  8. Be present at home inspection and provide oversight and follow up on any concerns deemed necessary.

  9. Be a conduit with the seller's agent, buyer's attorney and buyer's loan officer, as applicable. 

  10. Finalize any loose ends prior to closing and be present at closing.

  11. Help overcome setbacks which may arise during the purchasing process.

  12. Time is of essence.


Tour Agent Minimum Expectations: 

  1. Be cordial, clear, honest, and upfront with the buyer.

  2. Provide the buyer timely access to the property as agreed upon.

  3. Tour the home with buyer and provide helpful insights.

  4. Time is of essence.

Home Buyer Expectations: 

  1. Be cordial, clear, honest, and upfront with your team, if you are running late or change your mind just let them know.

  2. Time is of essence. 

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