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Laxchita | Revere, MA | August 2022

$7,850 saved

We recommend to everyone!

Had a great experience using Nuhom. Great with communication, would recommend to everyone.

Niraj | Stoneham, MA | July 2022

$8,000 saved

Excellent service and in-depth experience in real estate

Excellent Service, proactive and in-depth experience in Real estate. Not to mentioned they have 1% refund policy.

Arun | Southborough, MA | June 2022

$8,550 saved

Made it simple and helped at every stage

I was referred to the Nuhom team through a friend and since then it made my journey to find an ideal home easy. Rishi was instrumental in helping us reach the end goal of being a homeowner. As a first-time buyer, I had a lot to learn and navigate thru the tedious process. Rishi made it simple and helped at every stage. On top of all the Team’s good work, there’s a 1% saving which is AWESOME and can be used towards closing cost. Great job, Rishi & Nuhom!! I highly recommend to check them out for your next purchase.

Phani | Sudbury, MA | June 2022

$10,000 saved

I would definitely recommend

Nuhom has been instrumental in our home buying process as it has made it a lot more simpler and pleasant. The team, especially Rishi, has provided us excellent and precise pricing analysis on various listings within very short duration enabling us to bid the right price. They also provided us various suggestions while bidding in order to stay competitive and ultimately land our dream home. The 1% rebate at the time of closing is an additional huge bonus. I would definitely recommend availing their services for anyone who is looking to buy a house.

Tashi | Medford, MA | June 2022

$7,150 saved

Coached me at every juncture

I can’t imagine home buying any other way. NUHOM coached me at every juncture, and I felt every decision I made was a well informed one. I also loved that they let me set my own pace. A lot of the features were virtual, which I loved. But when I needed more, they were there to pick up the call or meet me in person. Lastly, who doesn’t like getting a fat rebate check for 1% of the sale price. I’ve recommended NUHOM to all my family and friends as well. :)

Rafay | Attleboro, MA | February 2022

$3,750 saved

Truly top of their game...

The Nuhom team truly held our hand throughout the purchasing process and were a great support. Quick turnaround with our requests to the selling agents and truly on top of their game with moving the process along from our end. $$$Loved the rebate they provide as well!!!$$$

Colleen & Giuseppe | Boston, MA | December 2021

$6,990 saved

We had a great experience working with the Nuhom team!

Being able to get started online quickly really made the experience of home shopping so much easier. Like so many potential buyers we had already done a lot of research on neighborhoods, pricing, and even had homes we were watching. Working with a company that was setup to help us in exactly the way we needed, by supporting our ongoing efforts without overstepping, made a huge difference in our home buying experience. We knew basically what we were doing and wanted and just needed guidance and support on the coordination and legal aspects (also their website has great outlines on the home buying process in case you are unsure about anything). Nuhom stepped up whenever we needed them. I love their business model so much - the work of finding and purchasing a home is much better when you can divide the effort in a way that works for you and Nuhom's business model fully supports that even giving you cashback for your contribution - very empowering!!

Greg Donahue | Boston, MA | October 2021

$6,425 saved

Experience was easy and transparent

The Nuhom process and team made the home buying experience easy and transparent. The website streamlined the home search and contract process and the Nuhom team communicated everything effectively to make me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process!

Lucy Evergreen | Billerica, MA | September 2021

$5,500 saved

Amazing experience with Nuhom

Rishi & the rest of the Nuhom team were amazing. They went above & beyond scheduling tours and walking us through the home buying process. They answered all our questions & helped us find the perfect home for our family.

Dileep Buddaraju | Newton, MA | September 2021

$12,675 saved

We highly recommend Nuhom

It's been a wonderful experience working with Nuhom. They were always reachable and helped us a lot in the entire process. The process is so streamlined and it never felt like we were buying a house. Whether it's getting a pre-approval or submitting an offer or picking an attorney to close, Nuhom was always there to guide. We highly recommend Nuhom.

Darwin & Lorena | Lynnfield, MA | August 2021

$5,880 saved

They were always there when we needed them

As a first time home buyer made the process of buying a house super easy an intuitive. They were able to guide me step by step in the over all process, from setting up appointments to do tours to getting comparison analysis when it came down to making an offer. They were always there when we needed them. I highly recommend their services! The rebate at the end of the sale process was nice incentive!

Nitya | Framingham, MA | July 2021

$2,910 saved

Gotta love the diverse team, INSANE REBATE

As a first time homebuyer Nuhom really held my hand throughout the entire home buying process and they were super patient with all my requests, no matter the type or time. I went from knowing nothing about the process to buying a house much much larger than I originally anticipated! I connected with the seller of my house recently and they told me Rishi was half the reason I even got my offer accepted, and they commended me for having a great agent. Gotta love the diverse team, INSANE REBATE, and how automated/ self help centered their whole process is on the website. Found them unexpectedly but would highly recommend to anyone.

Tenzin | Medford, MA | July 2021

$7,908 saved

Made the home buying process smooth and easy for us

My husband & I have been looking for a home for nearly a year. Given this very tough real estate market, we had a number of turn downs that often resulted in us taking breaks here and there. But Nuhom was persistent and kept us abreast of homes that were specifically tailored to our needs and desires. Our inquiries and requests were always answered and addressed with a quick turnaround. Nuhom’s responsiveness and operational efficiency made this home-buying process smooth and easy for us. The rebate of course was the cherry on top of the whole experience!

Ali | Whitman, MA | June 2021

$4,900 saved

Who doesn't like free money

I reached out to Nuhom in early March when we got more serious about the home search. Nuhom was extremely responsive and took the time to understand our family and our needs. Rishi provided great feedback along the way on the properties we were interested and provided useful strategies on how to best propose an attractive offer. Initially I did not think we would find the right home in the first couple months but here we are now, moving in just 2 weeks. And who doesn’t like free money towards their closing costs?!

Kalsang | Everett, MA | June 2021

$5,120 saved

Service truly unmatched

We had a wonderful experience working with Nuhom. Rishi was very responsive and worked to get the best deal for us. In addition, Nuhom provided us a refund of 1% of the purchase price which we were able to use towards our closing cost. We highly recommend people to check out Nuhom because their service is truly unmatched.

Derya | Boston, MA | April 2021

$10,494 saved

A great company to work with

Nuhom is a great company to work with. Rishi was very responsive due to our apartment search and he took good care of house visits when I was not in the city. He also provided advices on locations, mortgages and able to help me to find attorneys and mortgage companies.

Nina | Boston, MA | March 2021

$3,400 saved

It was about as seamless as a home purchase can be

I was recommended to go with Nuhom by a friend of mine who also had a great experience. I worked with Rishi who was wonderful, he was super responsive and knowledgeable. I found my dream place on Zillow and he walked through it with me looking for any issues, and then helped me through the buying process. I ended up using their recommended mortgage lender and attorney and had great experiences with them as well. It was about as seamless as a home purchase can be. And of course, I saved money on closing costs. They give you half the buyer's agent fee back which is a few thousand dollars. And they advised me negotiate the price down so I saved a few thousand there as well.

Samir | Malden, MA | February 2021

$5,850 saved

I felt safe and confident the whole time

I had such a great experience with Nuhom! I loved the partnered approach to homebuying. I felt safe and confident the whole time, Rishi was super attentive an detail-oriented! The parts of homebuying that are usually stressful and tough to navigate were a breeze! Thanks to the Nuhom team!

Ozlem | Somerville, MA | January 2021

$5,950 saved

We are constantly recommending Nuhom to friends

We bought our first home with Nuhom and saved almost $6000! Rishi was so responsive. He helped us a lot for the negotiation and also helped during every stage of the home buying process. We are constantly recommending Nuhom to friends, and even one of them bought their first home with Nuhom :)

Ben | Somerville, MA | December 2020

$8,570 saved

I couldn't be more grateful for the folks at Nuhom!

Their many years of experience and empathetic approach helped calm the waters and supported me as I navigated my first time home buying journey. Its hard to list out all the ways they helped land the home of my dreams, but I'll try :)

  • Arranged and (re-arranged) countless apartment viewings.

  • Created helpful blog posts to help me better understand the local housing market and what I could afford.

  • Helped me understand what my "need to have" vs. "nice to have" criteria around choosing the right property.

  • Supported and advised me on making a winning offer, while always looking out for my interest.

  • Set me up with a trusted lender who provided a pre-approval for a loan and answered all my questions.

  • Set me up with a trusted attorney who explained all the legalese and ensured I understood what I was getting myself into (and signing).

  • Managed communications between the attorney, lender, and seller's side.

  • Gave me a surprisingly huge refund which minimized my closing costs!

Throughout the whole experience they were responsive, caring, and incredibly knowledgeable. I can say without hesitation that I would not be sitting in my dream home right now, without their support!

Tanvi & Abhi | Reading, MA | November 2020

$6,950 saved

We had an amazing experience

We had an amazing experience working with Nuhom on the buying our first home! They are incredibly professional and responsive and take the time to answer all your questions! Highly recommend working with them!

Jamison | Reading, MA | September 2020

$6,600 saved

Professional and responsive

Rishi was very knowledgeable when it came to setting offer amounts, looking at different aspects of homes and what sellers may value in an offer.


One of the best things Nuhom does is it offers buyers 50% back on the buyers agent commission. For us that worked out to be 1% off the price of the home. It gave us the ability to up our offers a little extra so that we could make the most of our money.

Another great thing is their network. They have a great group of contacts that can help in everything from lawyers to even having connections with loan officers. Prior to working with Nuhom, I had been working with a loan officer at another bank and things were moving very slowly for even the pre-qualification and a HELOC I was using to help fund the purchase. The loan officer suggested by Nuhom knew exactly what I was trying to do and worked with me to make everything seamless and for a much better rate!

Isik | Cambridge, MA | September 2020

$9,375 saved

I had an amazing home buying experience

They helped me all the way through, communicated and answered all my concerns.. and they give back half of their commission deducted from the sale price!! highly recommended! thanks guys!

Emily & Adeola | Beverly, MA | August 2020

$5,450 saved

They removed the stress

We absolutely loved working with Nuhom!! They removed the stress of the home buying for us. It was a more simple, streamlined process than we ever could have imagined. The rebate made a big difference for us. There are a lot of costs associated with buying a home and being able to recover $6k was a huge cost savings that we really needed for other expenses. We’re so happy in our new home. Thank you so much Nuhom!!!

Daniel | Medford, MA | August 2020

$5,600 saved

Postive experience

We had a very positive experience buying a house with the Nuhom team. The whole process went very smoothly and the savings on commissions were substantial compared to other agents. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home!

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