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Meet the new way to buy a home.

Nuhom makes it super easy to tour, buy, and save thousands on your home purchase. We guide you at every step from finding your home to handing you the keys. The best part, we brought the home buying process online. This makes us more convenient, more transparent, and more affordable than a traditional agent. And unlike traditional agents, we give you 50% of our buyer agent’s commission as savings.  On average, our home buyers save $7,500.

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A note from our Co-Founder, Rishi Palriwala

How It Works



Find Your Home


Find your home on Zillow or Redfin and schedule a tour with us. Our tour agent will takeover and give you a guided home tour.



Make An Offer Online


We act as your buyer agent and guide you at every step. We'll handle the paperwork, negotiate with the seller, and get your offer accepted.



Save Money


Unlike traditional agents, we give you 50% of our buyer agent’s commission as a rebate. We cut our fees in half so we can save you more.


9 out of 10 customers who buy with Nuhom recommend us

"We had an amazing experience working with Nuhom to buy our first home! They are incredibly professional and responsive and take the time to answer all your questions! Highly recommend working with them!"

Saved $6,950

-Abhi & Tanvi

Where do you start?

Below are helpful resources to get you started on your home buying journey.

Step 1: Your home buying guide

Step by step guide to homeownership.

Get The Guide
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Step 2: Budget before you buy

Download The Calcualtor

Step 3: Your Nuhom savings
Enter a home price to calculate how much you can save using Nuhom.

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Step 4: Let's chat

We built Nuhom to make home buying easy and rewarding.

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Why should I buy a home now?

Although home prices are high, people still have the need to move. Whether you need more space, thinking of growing your family, or looking for that remote work space, it is still a great time to buy as interest rates are still at record lows.

Can I afford to buy a home?

It all comes down to your budget and if a bank will give you a mortgage if you are financing it. A good-steady source of income and a good credit score is what you need to get pre-qualified to see how much a bank would afford to lend you. Once you have this pre-approval from a bank, you will have a good idea on what homes you should look at. Then you can do the math to see if you can afford the monthly cost of ownership (mortgage + taxes + insurance). Don't worry, we built a calculator to help you budget. Download it here.

What can Nuhom do for me?

Nuhom acts as  your buyer agent and can give you guided-private home tours, write up an offer for you, negotiate with the seller, get your offer accepted, handle all the paperwork, and guide you all the way to closing. Think of us as your quarterback in your home buying journey.

Why should I use Nuhom and not Redfin or a traditional agent?

Nuhom is designed for the modern home buyer who demand convenience, transparency, and on-demand service. Where most traditional agents use salesy tactics, charge you unfair fees, and keep information hidden from you, we thought there was a better way. We are ready when you are, and give you all the due diligence on a home, give you on-demand home tours, allow you to easily make an offer online, handle the paperwork, and negotiate with the seller to get your offer accepted. We will be there every step of the way. The best part, unlike traditional agents, we give you 50% of the buyer agent's commission back to you as a rebate because we think the fees that a traditional agents charges you are unfair. And frankly, we think you deserve better.

Do I pay Nuhom?

Yes. But you only pay half of what you would pay a traditional agent. In fact, we actually pay you for using us by giving you 50% of the buyer agent's commission as a rebate. To date, our home buyers on average get back $7,500.  

What's the catch?

Nada. We are re-inventing how people buy homes and building an experience that is more convenient, transparent, and rewarding for the modern home buyer.

How do I get started?

It's easy. Fill out this buyer on-boarding form and we will handle the rest. If you already have a home in mind, setup a tour.

Let's find your dream home.