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Why on-demand is the future of home buying

Nuhom - on-demand home buying is the future

Imagine this, you see a home you like online and you attempt to go to an open house. It turns out you really like the home and you want to take the next steps but at this point, you usually have to call your agent to do so. But what happens if you can’t get a hold of them?

What if you need a pricing analysis on the home? What if some home diligence was needed? This is especially important as time is of the essence and other competitor buyers can impede.

Your ability to take next steps is contingent on how fast your agent can produce results, findings, and ultimately submit an offer. What if your agent turns out to be on vacation and they are trying to have another agent fill in for them, effectively making them unreachable? What happens if they’re too busy catering to another client and have a delay in follow up? We’ll tell you what happens, you lose out on the home. But Nuhom is here to change that.

Nuhom’s Belief

Home buying is serendipitous, and here’s why:

  1. You don’t know when the right home for you lands on the market

  2. Life stage events can sneak up on you

  3. Home buying is all about timing even when you’re a serious buyer

Having a reliable and on-demand real estate team creates a standard by which every home buyer can expect to receive service in a timely manner, but also in a standardized way. Imagine if you received a pricing analysis or a home diligence report about a home the same way you know what to expect every time you drive through a McDonald’s for a burger? As a client, you know what quality of service to get every time.

The Core Challenge

Today, in order to provide true quality service and not just a good looking suit, the traditional agent is strapped conducting several tasks or responsibilities across multiple disciplines. They are running their own business between marketing, nurturing, providing tours, home diligence, submitting offers, and seeing items through closing.

They are working both on the business and in the business and with multiple clients at a time. They may be really great at particular aspects of what’s needed, but it's atypical to have super star traits in everything they do and have the adequate time. Home buyers need balanced, high quality service at every stage. The reality is that every human and agent has a DISC personality.

Based on their DISC qualities, they are better suited for particular tasks vs. others. For example, you may have an agent who always picks up your phone and tries to get you answers about a home, but they fail to be a tough negotiator in getting your offer accepted. You may find yourself spinning your wheels with this person. The challenge is providing clients timely and multidisciplinary support as needed.

Nuhom - DISC framework

The Solution

If you think about it, each DISC trait feeds well into all of the mini tasks that a real estate agent provides in service to a client (or at least should provide). Now if you sprinkle specialization on top, it could create a home buying dream team! Nuhom has done exactly that.

Based on what they are best at, we’ve paired professional agents to manage key aspects of a home buyer’s journey. With specialization, it allows us to improve each aspect and double down on the service quality while providing a client results in an on-demand way. This approach also reduces cost that allows us to pass on great savings to a client. You can ask the inventors of specialization! Specialization also allows the client to receive standardized services, remember the McDonald’s burger?

The next time you are thinking of buying a home, think about why an on-demand real estate team may be the right fit for you! We believe this is what home buyers deserve and that it will be the future of what home buyers get as service and expect.


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