Hi, we're Nuhom.
(Pronounced /new-home/)

A small brand built on a big idea: there's a better way to buy your home.


Ou story

Like most change does - out of frustration - while one of our founders was looking for a home. He was handling half the work, but needed help with the hard parts—a few tools of the trade and some areas of advice. With those, he could put control of the process in the palm of his own hands. The lightbulb went off and the idea for Nuhom was born.

A digital revolution

Key to the idea was streamlining home buying, and what better way to do it than to create a digital platform? Like online car buying, but for homes—accessible 24/7, intuitively designed, and giving home buyers control (and transparency) from search to sold.


Building the future of home buying

Today, our team and platform are pioneering a new age of home buying in Boston; one that empowers purchasers and helps them save thousands in the process. It is our mission to completely transform the home buying industry. Out with the old, in with the Nu.

Our mission

  • To make home buying easy for anyone, anywhere

  • To streamline a decades-old, disjointed process 

  • To bring home buying online (like everything else in our lives)

  • To humanize the experience 

  • To save money from intermediaries

  • To create 100% transparency with zero exceptions

  • To give home buyers options fit for everyone’s needs