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Hi. We are Nuhom

Pronounced /new-home/ - We built Nuhom for the modern homebuyer who appreciates simplicity, transparency, and savings.

We've worked for traditional real estate agencies and seen the inefficiencies and lack of transparency that homebuyers have. We are here to provide homebuyers a better experience. 

Stop buying your home like your grandparents

Dear home buyer,

We have seen it all. Agents often work more for their commission than for you- backdoor deal making, rushed expectation setting, little diligence, and salesy tactics.

The way people buy real estate today is just as our grandparents did. We are here to change that.

Buying your home is an exciting time in your life! However, the process shouldn't be a drag and everything should be transparent. After all its one of the biggest purchases you will ever make.

Nuhom uses technology to make the process simple and transparent along with giving you an entire team to lean on. On top of that, we recognize how things have changed- homebuyers invest quite a bit of time and effort searching for their home. For this, we reward you by giving you money back. This has been an average of $7,500 in savings we pass back to you.

We keep it simple, transparent, and save you money when you buy the most important place in the world, your home.

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183 Prospect Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

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