Boston Real Estate Market Tracker

Source: MLS, Freddie Mac, Home Type: Single Family, Multi-Family, Condominiums, Counties: Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk

Median Home Price

Compared to last year, despite Covid-19, 2020 median home prices, year to date, have continued to show strength, increasing at a rate of +6%. In parallel, average home prices have increased +8-9%

Active Listings

Compared to last year, primarily due to Covid-19, 2020 home listings, year to date, have been lower by an average of -25%. It's important to mention that in mid-April, listings were down -45%, driven by Covid-19 creating an unprecedented fear in the market. Most sellers responded by holding off on listing their property when generally this time is considered the start of the Spring market, when active listings increase. 

Home Sales

Compared to last year, sales in May of 2020 are on track to drop -45-50%.

This has been driven primarily by the shortage of homes available on the market.


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