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We're re-inventing an industry. Come build the future of homebuying.

Technical Co-Founder


Nuhom is a real estate tech start-up which improves the home buying experience making it convenient, transparent, and more affordable for consumers. Home buyers already find their home online, for this they get back 1% on their home purchase price.


Nuhom is looking for a technology lead who can join the founding team to be an early stage startup founder and bring Nuhom’s working MVP to life.


Come build the future of home buying with us.



Personality // You are easy-going, assertive, humble, and able to boost confidence in others

Technical Vision // Have vision for the technical direction of the product and make sure the team understands it

Hands on when needed // You are able to define a strategy → go execute → and are able to roll up your sleeves and do the work that’s needed (you will need to code! :)

Resilient // Adaptable to changes to the product specification and react calmly to surprises. Anticipate where changes might take place and design solutions to handle them

Product Relationship // Always in conversation with business leaders, product managers and designers about how the product should work. You understand roadmaps, what should be built now, and have a path to scale

Teamwork // Be a member of the team, and consider yourself successful when the team is successful.

Discussion & Debate // Listen and encourage debate. When the team is unable to resolve a debate, you describe a process or framework of thinking that would help them resolve it. You are unafraid to defend your own decisions, but also allow yourself to be persuaded by great ideas if it means a better customer experience

Communication // Ability to articulate product and technical vision, and convince others

Pragmatic // Can keep things moving 

Project/Product Management // Ability to plan, execute, and track projects while ensuring those involved drive product/project success

Test, Learn, and Do It Better // Striving to do things better

Innovative Mindset // Can anticipate the future



  • Techie at heart with vision for the future

  • Product tech lead experience at early stage startup

  • Experience developing customer facing applications

  • Experience in building and launching new products, and scaling for growth

  • Deep understanding of software development process

  • Forward thinking and have a keen pulse on future tech

  • Ability to think creatively with other founders, product, and designers and define technical requirements


  • Bring Nuhom’s products to life

  • Work with founders, designers, and product closely

  • Establish technical vision of the product, and lead the architecture and systems discussions

  • Assess technology stack

  • Build assess and drive development teams (internal + outsourced)

  • Review code quality/performance

  • Determine project requirements, develop work schedules for the team, and track progress

  • Define, advocate, and implement best practices and coding standards of the team

  • Test integration for the entire system to ensure reliability, and security

  • Identify and mitigate risks, including security risks

  • Write modular and performant code

  • Design back-end schemas that integrate with front-end components and wireframes

  • Design and build RESTful APIs that support our platform

  • Integrate third-party APIs


  • Full Stack developer who can architect and decide the best stack to build on

  • Experience in e-commerce web+mobile development, and other consumer facing applications

  • Experience in Big Data, Ai & Machine Learning


  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

  • React / jQuery

  • AngularJS

  • Node.js

  • Python

  • MySQL or PostgreSQL

  • AWS / Cloud Storage

  • Git




  • 3+ Full Stack experience (most ideal)

  • 2+ Years AWS experience


  •  20-40+ hours per week

  • Contract to begin with ability to become full-time

  • Boston, MA based ideal / remote work allowed

  • Hourly compensation based on experience level plus equity interest

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