Home Buying 101

Steps to buy a home

Step 1: Define your wants and needs

Step 1 - Needs and wants
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Like most big purchases, it’s a great idea to think through what is important to you. For buying a home, you should list your needs vs. your wants. Make sure to actually write them down. For needs, think about what you absolutely cannot live without, and for your wants, think about those nice to have items. Your needs vs. wants will be different from others. Think about what’s ideal for you for the next several years, or even the next 5-10 years if possible.

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Step 2: Get your


Step 2 - Get a pre-approval
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Before you start touring homes, if you intend on buying your home with a loan a.k.a mortgage, it is imperative to get a pre-approval from a lender. Without one is like shooting with a blind-fold. This review and document allows you to understand what you can afford so that you can spend time wisely on homes in the right price range for you. You will also need one before you can submit an offer.

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Step 3: Find your home

Step 3 - Finding your home
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Now that you have a good idea about your needs and wants and what your budget looks like, it makes sense to invest more time in diving into home listings. You can do this a few ways-- sign up with Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, or Nuhom to check out listings in the Boston area. 

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Step 4: Tour homes

Step 4 - Touring homes
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When you decide that the home is indeed a great potential fit for you, feel free to simply schedule a tour with Nuhom. Our tour agent is standing by to give you a guided private tour.

We also provide you with a home pricing analysis so you know what you should pay for the home.

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Home pricing analysis

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Home pricing analysis

Step 5: Make an offer

Step 5 - Make an offer
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When you found the home you like, toured it, and have a pre-approval in hand, then you are ready to take the next step and make an offer on the home. You can draft an offer online and once you do you will be paired with a dedicated Nuhom buyer agent that has experience in your area and they will guide you the rest of the way. 

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Step 6: Due diligence, home inspection, find a lender

Step 6 - diligence, inspection, lenderw
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Further due diligence

While you’re deciding on a lender you should be conducting further due diligence and assessing the home. Your Nuhom agent will also look through further documentation on the property and conduct due diligence with the town or city as well. 

Home inspection

If your offer included a home inspection, you can use our friendly-experienced home inspector. The inspector will test appliances, look for plumbing and electrical concerns, foundational issues, exterior deterioration, and provide you with a list of any major safety concerns. If any major issues are found your Nuhom agent can renegotiate the terms of the accepted offer. 

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Find a lender

You can choose the lender who provided you a pre-approval or you can learn about what others can offer. It’s important to ensure the lender can meet the dates in your offer, offer you a competitive interest rate, and has good control over the full loan process. 

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Step 7: Sign your P&S

Step 7 - Signing P&S
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The Purchase and Sales Agreement (P&S) is a legally binding document that lays out the final terms of the sale. It will be negotiated between your attorney and the seller’s attorney and will supersede the offer and incorporate any agreed changes since. This is the who/what/when/where of the sale and contains the list of names of the parties involved, a description of the home being bought, the final price of the property, important dates to secure a mortgage, and closing information.

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Step 8: Secure your mortgage

Step 8 - Securing your mortgage
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Congratulations on signing your P&S agreement. You will provide this document to your lender. Your lender will move forward to complete underwriting your application and request further documentation as they need it. Your lender will also have an appraiser walk through the property to ensure the price accepted is in line with the market. 

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Step 9: Close on your home

Step 9 - Closing on your home!
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This is the final milestone! Congratulations, you are almost there. During the week of your closing your Nuhom agent, your lender, the seller’s team, and your attorney will finalize documents for signing and recording at the local registry. Your attorney will make sure the property comes with a clean title. You’ll plan to wire the remainder of the funds to your attorney and meet them to sign and review the closing documents. Meeting with your attorney will take about an hour. 

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Step 10: Move in,  you're home

Step 10 - Move in
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You’ve made it! You can move into your new home and enjoy it. Make memories you will cherish for years to come and make your home your own. 

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[Video] How to make an offer

When you have toured and decided this is the home you want, the next step is to make an offer. We make it very easy to do this from anywhere and on your terms.

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[Video] How to compare homes

Use this tool to compare homes side by side to see which one you like most. Just copy and paste a link from Zillow and Redfin and we will pull the home details.

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