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Own your home buying journey

If you are thinking about buying a home today, you're most likely doing a lot of the searching. Not because your real estate agent isn't helping you but because of online search tools like Zillow that make it really easy to find your home.

It is said that 9 out of 10 home buyers start their search online, and nearly 8 out of 10 home buyers find the home they ultimately buy through their own search efforts.

So between sifting online and open houses, you spend a lot of time honing your house hunting skills to find your perfect home and neighborhood.

This begs the question, what is your real estate agent doing for you? The short answer-- the role of the real estate agent has shifted. While you may find the home, your agent will help with the execution, and ultimately give you the guidance you need to buy your home right, negotiate on your behalf with the seller, and coordinate various parties, including seller, lenders, attorneys, and home inspectors to help you close on your home smoothly. More on this down below.

The home buying process I'm talking about is this:

  1. Budget and save for a down-payment

  2. Create your needs and wants list

  3. Get a pre-approval

  4. Find your home

  5. Tour your home

  6. Make an offer

  7. Home inspection & diligence

  8. Sign the purchase and sales agreement

  9. Secure financing

  10. Close

  11. Move in

Today, steps 1-5 can be completed independently without an agent (with the exception of private tours). But to make an offer on a home you found, the common practice is to work with your agent (often on their schedule). Your agent will fill out some paperwork and submit the offer to the seller. At this point you are waiting to hear back whether your offer was accepted or not.

The truth is, you don't need an agent to submit an offer.

Make an offer anytime, on your terms

At Nuhom we believe with the right tools and guidance, you should be able to submit an offer on a home you found anytime by yourself. In a competitive home buying market, time is of the essence, and you shouldn't need an agent to submit an offer.

The good news is, you can make an offer on a home anytime using Nuhom's make an offer tool.

Easily enter your offer terms, pricing, and % down payment information, and Nuhom will automatically create an offer, submit it to the seller, and negotiate on your behalf to get it accepted. (Now, making an offer does not mean you've bought the home. This is just the first step to show the seller your interest in purchasing their home.)

But, this is just the beginning, Nuhom offers much more...

Meet your on-demand home buying tools

We believe buying a home should be easy, more transparent, a lot more affordable, and more self-served. So we've created on-demand home buying tools to help you take the next step at every stage when you're ready.

Get pre-approved

A pre-approval is needed to make an offer. It also tells you what a bank may lend you for a mortgage-don't worry, you can still shop around for rates later. Get a pre-approval

Find a home

Get the full home listing

Take a tour

Make an offer

Home pricing analysis

Meet your dedicated property expert

Although we believe you should have the tools and information at your fingertips, we also recognize that some home buyers appreciate expert guidance along the way. This is why on day one we pair you with a dedicated property expert, your Nuhom Home Advisor who will guide you through the entire home buying process.

Here is what your Home Advisor will do for you:

Finding and touring your home

-From day one, you get a dedicated Nuhom Home Advisor who will guide you through the entire home buying process.

-Behind each Advisor, is a full team (tour agents, lenders, home inspectors, real estate attorneys) to get you from tour to close.

-Our Advisors conduct home searches and provide curated home recommendations or pull the full home listing of homes you’ve already found, so you can see everything we see as agents.

-They also help set up tours, give you guided home tours, and take photos/videos for you to reference later.

Preparing to make an offer

Making the right offer

Home diligence

Closing and moving in

You save money

Oh, and we give you a massive home buyer rebate (1% of the home purchase price) before handing you the keys. After all, teamwork makes the dream work, and you deserve to get paid for helping us find your perfect property. 🎉🔑🏡


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