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Why I Joined Nuhom

Nuhom - Avital Tsivkin - Why I joined

I am so excited to start my new career in marketing at Nuhom. When I initially heard about the innovative, fast, and easy manner in which Nuhom approaches home buying, I was thrilled to know that someone had finally revolutionized the real estate market. Nuhom is onto something, and it’s big.

Adapting To The Modern Market

Real estate has been around for a long time, yet unlike almost every other industry it hasn’t adapted to modern times. Traditionally, the home buying process has not kept up with consumer behavioral shifts and technology. Before hearing about Nuhom I thought to myself, “how could the real estate market transition to adapt with technology and make the experience easier?” The answer? Nuhom. Every part of the home buying process has been optimized and streamlined with a dedicated team of agents, a loan officer, a real estate attorney, and a home inspector to help with each step of the process.

What Nuhom Does Differently

Nuhom is a startup challenging Redfin and traditional home buyer models of the world by re-imagining the home buying process and replacing it with innovative technology, there are far fewer hurdles, and more savings for the home buyer. Reducing agent fees and revaluing buyer's time is just the start. Nuhom gives back home buyers 1% of the home purchase price while creating a seamless online experience.

Redefining The Way We Buy Homes

I believe that Nuhom will be a household name as it continues to flourish and break

barriers in the real estate market. I like to think of Nuhom as the Turbotax of home buying. At first, thinking about doing your taxes seems daunting, exhausting, scary; similar to the feelings you have when thinking of buying a home. Like Turbotax, Nuhom has created a seamless user experience in the home buying process. Nuhom takes it steps further than Turbotax because it provides the same real estate-home buyer relationship, but where the buyer is empowered to be able to do much of the process on their own while being guided and informed with each step.

In these modern times, people are searching for houses online, so it only makes sense that they should be rewarded for their efforts. Nuhom has made it so there is no pressure on the home buyer. The ultimate goal, of course, is to help them buy a house but it’s not about making the sale. What separates Nuhom from the rest of the real estate world is the heightened user experience. The home buyer is able to feel in control, not pressured, and move at whatever pace they are comfortable with. I believe this approach is not only the least stressful but also the fastest and easiest way to buy a home. Join us in this revolutionary movement.

I am so excited to be a part of the Nuhom team, and help get the name out so that more people know that an option like this exists! If everyone is able to have a Nuhom experience, the way people perceive home buying will not only be a much more positive experience, but fun as well. My goal is to reach as many people as possible and to share the possibilities of what this company can do to help people successfully find the perfect home for themselves and their families. Anyone who is thinking about buying a home should jump on this, especially now because this company is going to explode once the word is out.

If you want to learn more and save on your next home, check out:


Nuhom is a Boston based full-service real estate tech company making home buying convenient, fast, and rewarding. We have dismantled the traditional home buying process and replaced it with innovative technology, far fewer hurdles, and more savings for the modern home buyer. Learn more at


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