You have 1 hour to tour a home; here is what you should look for

Nuhom - home tour tips

Dear home buyer,

We hope you are keeping safe. This is being written during a time when COVID-19 has surprised the world by its impact. When touring a home, please remember to take the proper precautions of keeping a distance from others and wearing a face mask and gloves.

Furthermore, this is written for the home buyer who has actively been reviewing homes online and is looking to purchase soon. This can be applied to all types of homes. However, for condominiums, please keep mind that many of the exterior elements of the home (roofing, siding, etc.) are commonly owned by all owners in the building also know as the homeowner's association.

At every level of your home search, there is diligence you should do to give yourself the confidence to move forward with a specific home or move on to the next. Often, however, time can be tight, especially if it’s a highly sought after or “hot” home. You may need to make decisions quickly on whether or not to move forward with an offer and at what price. If that’s the case, you’ll want to make the most of your home tour and treat it more than a simple walkthrough. It should be a mini inspection.

After all, this could be one of the biggest investments of your life.

Along with your Nuhom Tour Agent, feel free to become your own version of Sherlock Holmes! You may get awkward looks from others, but who cares? Believe us, its well worth it. All of your findings can impact your offer decision-making. Our Nuhom Tour agent will provide oversight with the home tour, but its best to be self-prepared and have these tools in your hands. Here is how to prepare and make the most of your home tour.

Recommended items are:

  • a phone,

  • a measuring tape,

  • a 5-foot long stick or pole,

  • a camera or 360 camera,

  • a marble, and

  • binoculars – always a plus.

Feel free to embrace your inner Sherlock “Homes”!

Estimated time for your tour:

  1. 20 minutes to discuss if the home meets your personal needs with your agent

  2. 40 minutes for your mini inspection

Below are the top 7 categories to investigate during your mini inspection.

  1. Foundation and Basement

  2. Roof and Gutters

  3. Exteriors and Grounds

  4. Heating System, HVAC, Water Heaters

  5. Plumbing

  6. Windows

  7. Room Sizing

These often are the most cost and risk prohibitive items to consider.

Remember to take photos of everything. Keep in mind, no one, including a home inspector, can see through walls. The goal of your mini inspection is to get a reasonable understanding of the condition of the home and what extra efforts may be involved if you decide to purchase it. The below will add a pep in your home tour step:

1) Foundation and Basement