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Buy your next home online and save thousands – all in one place.


Nuhom offers a streamlined home buying experience to help you buy your next home with confidence, powered by your personal home buying team and AI.

A better home buying experience

Step 1

We'll help you find the perfect home


$750,000 Asking Price

$7,500 Nuhom Refund

123 Main Street
5 bed 3 baths Single Family

Step 2

We'll give you all the information you need to help you decide if it's a good buy

Pricing Analysis

Home value: $675000

We recommend an offer between $670K - $680K

Seller Terms

  • Offers are due by Monday at 5PM

  • Seller wants to close in 30 days

  • Seller is providing seller financing

  • Seller has an inspectional report upon request

City Records

This home has 1 violation

Step 3

Tour the home with a home expert and get all your questions answered

Nuhom guided home tours

Step 4

Quickly start a competitive offer online with step-by-step guidance

Make an offer

How much do you want to offer?

Offer price

What is your down-payment?

Down payment

Step 5

We'll get your offer accepted, handle the negotiations, and guide you through the closing process

Your offer is accepted!

Congrats! The seller accepted your offer for $750,000

You save $7,500!


Step 6

We'll help you find the lowest rates with our top rated network of preferred lenders

30-yr fixed 


15-yr fixed


10 / 5 ARM


For illustrative purposes only

Step 7

We'll handle all the paperwork

Purchase Agreement

17 Harvey Street Unit A, Boston, MA...





Step 8

We'll give you the keys and help you settle in


Step 9

After you close, we'll give you a refund check up to 1% of the home purchase price

Nuhom home buyer refund savings


*Based on purchase price and commission rate. In 2023, we saved home buyers on average $10,000.

Get started on your home buying journey

Frequently asked questions

  • What’s it cost to use Nuhom?
    The short answer: We are more affordable than a traditional real estate agent. The long answer: Traditional buyer agents typically get paid 2-2.5% of a home’s purchase price. We think that’s too much, given the amount of effort home buyers put in today. So we make all of our on-demand tools and resources available for free. We cut our fees almost in half so we can pass on the savings to you – and because we’ve streamlined the home buying process, you get more value at half the cost. The best part: we actually pay you by saving you 1% of the home purchase price (traditional agents save you $0). Read more about how real estate agent's get paid.
  • How is Nuhom different from a traditional real estate agent?
    Great question. Traditional agents at Redfin and Century 21 accept a full commission to represent home buyers and keep you on a schedule that they determine. It’s an agent-centric model and gives you $0 back in savings. At Nuhom, we put the home buyer first. We offer an on-demand service – so you can build your home buying experience on your terms and timeline. We grant you anytime access to all our tools, tours, and guidance, giving you full control so you can make informed decisions. And we take a backseat so you can drive, giving you all the tips and tricks we have up our sleeves, without pushing you at any part of the process. If we think you should wait, we’ll tell you. But if you want to make moves, we’ll be at the ready. No contracts, no obligations, just full teamwork and transparency. The best part, we give you back 1% of the home purchase price. So, if you buy a home for $750,000 we give you $7,500 back in savings. Talk about a housewarming gift!
  • Are you available in my area?
    Depends on where you live! But right now we’re operating in Massachusetts in the Greater Boston Area—it’s our home, and hopefully yours too (well atleast soon to be!).
  • If I already have a buyer's agent can I work with Nuhom?
    If you have an exclusive contract with another agent we recommend you stick to working with them. But if you don’t…come on down! We’d love to be your agent and help you save. (We also don’t do the whole contract thing – call us crazy, but it’s working out swimmingly so far.)

"They are incredibly professional and responsive and take the time to answer all your questions!"


Saved $6,950

- Tanvi & Abhi, Reading, MA

Nuhom home buyers

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