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Home buyer spotlight: Meet Abhinav and Tanvi

Dear Home buyer,

Last week, we launched our homebuyer success stories to display a bit about all those who benefited from using Nuhom to purchase their home. Nuhom loves to show off the successful home buyers who have been able to find and purchase their dream home and save money while doing so!

With listings, pictures, 3D virtual tours, maps, and more accessible information than ever before, Nuhom’s homebuyers find their home before any agent does. Based on the buyer’s needs and wants, they know it’s the home for them. Today, most people make this decision without an agent convincing them because they self-identify with the home. They can see themselves living there before anyone else!

Nuhom plans on regularly debuting its homebuyers and telling you a bit more about their home buying process and success.

Meet Abhinav and Tanvi

📍 Reading, MA

🏷️ Purchase price: $695,000

🤑 Savings because they used Nuhom: $6,950

After renting for many years in the Cambridge area, Abhinav and Tanvi decided that they wanted more space. Enough space so that Tanvi could continue her food blog, and Abhinav could have a ‘man cave’ to himself. At first, they were in no rush to purchase a home, they had every intention to take their time, but due to having a difficult landlord who was trying to force them out to renovate the apartment, the home search sped up. We see this with many homebuyers. They are either fed up with their landlord or tired of paying rent.

Abhinav and Tanvi didn't need or want moment by moment hand-holding through the process. They simply needed guidance through the process and the ability to reach out to a team along the way in case of any hurdles. They got pre-approved online within minutes via Nuhom’s preferred lender, Guaranteed Rate, and began their home search. The pandemic had recently hit and neither of their workplaces required them to be in the city anymore, so they decided to take advantage of nearby towns. While they did utilize Nuhom’s find my home feature to get regularly updated listings on matched homes that came on the market, they also utilized Redfin’s platform for much of their searching.

After looking online, to get their feet wet and further hone in on what they wanted, they spent a couple of weekends going to open houses and, when needed, requested a private tour with Nuhom. They enjoyed the ease of looking at homes on their schedule. At this point, in the towns they liked, they knew single-family homes were either out of their price range, overly competitive, or more than they wanted as a first-time homebuyer, so they focused on townhome-style condos, which was a perfect in-between.

One weekend, in Reading, they found a condo that was part of a larger association, it was multi-level, just like the townhomes they had envisioned, but it needed some updates. Taking this into account, they decided to make an offer online and see where it may go. Unfortunately, the seller disagreed with the offer and decided to hold off on accepting. This property had been sitting on the market for some time and had already reduced in price a few times.

A weekend later, in Reading again, a lovely new construction townhome with a fenced-in backyard came to the market. There were two side-by-side units built, and by the time Abhinav and Tanvi got to the open house, only one unit remained on the market. Of course, this home had a higher price tag and came with many of the aesthetics they wanted. It even included an unfinished basement where Abhinav could picture his ‘man cave’ coming to life. They decided to switch their focus, and after requesting a pricing analysis, they made an offer online. After a few hours of back and forth negotiations, Abhinav and Tanvi’s dedicated buyer agent and the seller agent were able to come to an agreement on an accepted offer!

Abhinav and Tanvi were super pumped and knew they needed to move quickly on to the next steps. In the meantime, their rental situation continued to create a heartache. Nuhom provided them with additional vetted lenders to consider and made an introduction to Nuhom’s preferred attorney, who would work on their purchase and sales agreement and eventually the closing. The process was smooth, and Abhinav and Tanvi were back into the home for an inspection and to take measurements for some of their furniture. They closed on their purchase about 35 days later and never looked back on their Cambridge rental.

"We had an amazing experience working with Nuhom on the buying our first home! They are incredibly professional and responsive and take the time to answer all your questions! Highly recommend working with them!" - Abhi & Tanvi

Today, Abhinav and Tanvi have made the townhome into their home with decor and furniture. They look forward to hosting friends once the pandemic calms down and people are vaccinated. Tanvi is cooking up a storm in her open layout kitchen, and Avhinav is working on finishing parts of the basement with his 'man cave' soon to come alive. Since they used Nuhom for their purchase, they saved 1% of the purchase price and re-invested the money into some much-needed furniture and Abhinav’s project.


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