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Successful home buyer and what they did

Dear home buyer,

Nuhom loves to show off the successful home buyers who have been able to find and purchase their dream home and save money while doing so! As we know it today, home buying can undoubtedly be perceived as complex. We’ve found that while preparation is the foundation of home buying, of all the steps, finding the home that’s right for you is ultimately what’s most important.

With listings, pictures, 3D virtual tours, maps, and more accessible information than ever before, Nuhom’s home buyers find their home before any agent does. Based on the buyer’s needs and wants, they know it’s the home for them. Today, most people make this decision without an agent convincing them because they self-identify with the home. They can see themselves living there before anyone else!

Nuhom plans on regularly debuting its home buyers and telling you a bit more about their home buying process and success.

Emily, Adeola, & their pup Ein

After renting for many years in the Somerville area, Emily and Adeola decided that they wanted more space and that it was important to be closer to their community of friends in the North Shore. They also had the desire to grow their family, Ein +1.

The decision to take steps towards homeownership didn’t happen overnight, but it was thought out and planned, and Emily and Adeola took deliberate actions to make purchasing a home possible. They would be first-time home buyers in a pandemic, and after reading online, talking to friends who recently purchased their homes, and connecting with Nuhom, they were able to gauge the market. They understood what was needed to be successful in the home buying process.

Once Emily and Adeola were able to get pre-approved by a lender, they had clear direction on what they could afford for a home purchase price. The pre-approval also gave them clarity on how much they may expect to spend every month to own a home (kind of like how they budgeted for rent at the time) and was a key factor in preparing them for the upcoming steps in home searching.

It was then that the search and discovery for their dream home began! They began sifting through online tours, listings, and pictures daily. They had a particular look and feel they were going for and decided on towns that may be the best fit. For their first home, extra bedrooms to have friends stay over or accommodate a growing family, along with enough yard space to host and allow their puppy, Ein, to run around was important to them.

Looking online gave them further insight into what they wanted vs. needed and could realistically afford. It was only then that they decided to be selective about the open houses and in-person tours they wanted to go to. They were empowered to do enough homework (pun intended!) to only focus on to focus on homes that fit their needs.

One day low and behold, a home they had their eye on but had earlier missed out on came back on the market as those buyers got cold feet about the purchase. Immediately, Emily and Adeola requested an on-demand tour on Nuhom’s site and the next day were able to do a walk-through of the lovely cape home. After thinking about it further and requesting a pricing analysis on the home, a day later, they made an offer online and, after a little negotiation, had an accepted offer in hand! They were beyond happy with the ease of being able to take action when they needed to on Nuhom’s site and were excited to be one step closer to buying their dream home. A dedicated Nuhom agent assisted them with everything onwards. They closed on their home about a month later and moved in.

"We absolutely loved working with Nuhom! They removed the stress of home buying for us." - Emily & Adeola

Today, Emily and Adeola have happily welcomed a young baby girl into their life and are enjoying all the additional space and family they can have over to spend time with them. Since they used Nuhom for their purchase, they saved 1% of the purchase price and re-invested the money into some cosmetic home renovations.

Emily and Adeola, and Ein purchased a single-family home in Beverly, MA

Purchase Price: $545,000

Nuhom Savings: $5,450

Fun fact: The home Emily and Adeola purchased was once owned by a dear friend of theirs. What a coincidence!


About Nuhom

Nuhom is a Boston based full-service real estate tech company making home buying convenient, fast, and rewarding. We have dismantled the traditional home buying process and replaced it with innovative technology, far fewer hurdles, and more savings for the modern home buyer. Learn more at


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